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27 July 2018 by Syed Ayaz

Job Description

Technical Recruiter Duties and Responsibilities
Technical Recruiters perform several duties during their quest to find the top talent in the technical world. We analyzed several job descriptions to put together the following list of common Technical Recruiter duties and responsibilities.

Develop Recruiting Strategies

The recruiting industry is constantly changing. In the age of social media and digital job applications, a solid strategy is vital for sifting through the sea of potential candidates. A good portion of a Technical Recruiter’s time is spent figuring out the best ways to reach the top technical talent.

Identify Recruiting Sources and Networks

Candidates come from a variety of different places. Social media has quickly become a Recruiter’s dream tool. Most know that LinkedIn is a social network designed for recruiters, but savvy recruiters also use platforms like Twitter and Facebook to identify and source candidates. Today’s Technical Recruiter has to maintain a digital presence and constantly be on the lookout for new ways to build your network.

Create Job Descriptions and Specifications

This is where written communication skills come in handy. Have you ever wondered who writes job descriptions? Usually, it is a team effort between the recruiter and other key members of the Human Resources department. Being able to write a quality job description requires a comprehensive understanding of the position. For a Technical Recruiter, this means an extensive technical knowledge is required to succeed.

Interview and Assess Candidates

Whether working in-house or for an external Recruiting agency, interviewing and assessing candidates is a key part of a Technical Recruiter’s job. Their goal is simple : find the candidates worth presenting to the decision-maker in the hiring process. This requires conflict management skills, negotiation skills and a healthy dose of persistence.

Represent Company at Job Fairs and Campus Events

Employer branding is important now more than ever. The recruiter has become the “face” of a company at job fairs and campus events. Succeeding at this duty requires comfort speaking in front of large

Technical Recruiter Skills
A Technical Recruiter must possess a unique blend of soft skills and technical knowledge in order to succeed in this specialized career path. A Technical Recruiter must be a people-person with the ability to negotiate, but also has to have enough technical knowledge to build relationships with candidates in their industry. We analyzed several Technical Recruiter job descriptions and found the following core and advanced skills to be the ones most listed by employers.

Core Skills: The following skills are required by virtually every employer looking to hire a Technical Recruiter

Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Negotiation skills
Proficiency with ATS software
Proficiency with Microsoft Office
Organizational skills
Analytical skills
Interpersonal skills
Critical thinking skills
Advanced Skills: The following skills were not listed as requirements, but possessing these skills puts one at an advantage in the job market.

Intricate knowledge of the Information technology industry
Project management skills
Experience with Customer Relationship Management software.
Tools of the Trade: There are a couple of tools used by Technical Recruiters on a daily basis

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